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196 A A "Getting a contract for your booking is easy! A template is issued from the agency to the purchaser asking for particular information. In addition to the date, band, and purchaser for signature, it asks for the venue, mailing information, the name of the bride and groom, and a few other details. The wedding department will issue a contract by email and by mail. The signed contract is returned to the agency along with a required deposit. It is then sent to the band for their signature and fnally the fully executed agreement is sent to all parties and kept on fle with the agency." - Dawn Edwards, Contracts "The frst step in selecting the perfect band or DJ for your wedding is selecting the right booking agency. Factors to consider when deciding which agency to deal with should include: the promptness in which an agency returns your phone calls and emails, the navigability of the website, how the contract and deposit structures work and the agency's ability to effectively answer any questions that you have. A professional and reputable booking agency can take an enormous amount of stress out of the wedding planning process by allowing you to concentrate on the many other areas of planning with the peace of mind that on your wedding night, the band is the last thing you have to worry about." - Ross Kinder, Sales & Service "Along with the contract, information sheets are also sent to you. We ask you to complete and return these forms two months prior to your event. We will review these with the band. With your detailed information, the band can prepare in making this a memorable day for you. Music Garden will have an individual fle with all of the documents submitted between you and your band. The week before your event Music Garden will again review with the band all of your specifc details and we will also email you last minute reminders. The band will contact you the week of your event to personally review with you the information sheets you submitted." - Lisa Barnes "If a bride does not already have her sights set on a particular band for her reception, she needs to decide which style of band best fts the tastes of her guests. Whether that would be a Motown/R&B dance band, a country based band, or a great variety/ party band, a good agency can provide a list of available bands for a particular date, along with photos, a song list, references, and in most cases, samples of audio and video." - Martin Brasfeld, Sales & Service Booking Music Garden's fve easy steps to booking your wedding entertainment that gets the party started. "Thorough preparation is a band's key to a smooth and successful performance on the day of a wedding reception. In addition to being a fun and exciting dance and show band, a wedding band needs to be punctual and professional. The band should arrive early enough to be completely set up and sound-checked no later than an hour before the reception starts. If the ceremony takes place at the same location as the reception, they should be completely set up an hour before the ceremony. This allows them time to eat, change and prepare for an unforgettable wedding reception!" - Martin Brasfeld, Sales & Service SELECT AN AGENCY SELECT YOUR BAND CONTRACT THE BAND NAIL DOWN THE DETAILS THROW A PARTY! 1 2 3 4 5 Band D amari photography

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