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204 A A Lighting the Way Tent weddings can be gorgeous, but never fully appreciated without proper lighting. Jill Garmon of A.G. Lighting gives a guide through the proper steps of lighting a tent so guests can enjoy every detail of your event. "We are the event's electrician. We bring the generator for power, and we run all the power for the band, caterer and restroom trailer as well as for the lighting installation. We will need to know all power requirements for each vendor involved." W hat else can a lighting company contribute to a tent event? 1 2 3 4 Highlight the Tables "This is the most effective and affordable way to light the event under a tent. This type of lighting should be the frst layer of a tent lighting design and will serve as the primary lighting for your event." Backlight the Liner "This is the most effective way to make the tent canopy beautiful. The tent liner is an investment and is prettiest when backlit. Your liner can also be a custom drapery for even more dramatic impact." Uplight the Perimeter "Once tables are lit, the eye needs another backdrop of light to frame the tables. This will also illuminate the grounds around the tent. Draping the outside legs creates optimal ambience." Add Decorative Fixtures "Although chandeliers and such are beautiful, they should only be included as a decorative feature in the party when the budget allows for it after the proper lighting has been estimated." "Typically, lighting and drapery installation should happen before other vendors arrive for setup, excluding the tent company. For a bride, the production timeline for your vendors is the most important part in assuring a successful event. Your vendors are working hard for you. Give them enough time to deliver and setup the elements that you have paid for. Social media, like Pinterest and Facebook, has given brides tons of ideas for how they want their wedding and reception to look. Recreating these 'looks' or designing something similar can be very complex and require more than a few hours to setup. Some lighting and drapery designs can require renting a venue for more than eight hours. Some installations can require several days. Trust your lighting company for the lighting design for your event. No two installations are alike. There are so many options now with lighting technology that even basic lighting can be more effective when applied in the right way." W hat are key things a couple needs to know about lighting and drapery? nick frontiero photography

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