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205 A A The Merger From his Al Pacino posters to her pink sorority letters and 'but my grandmother gave me that'…we have heard it all when it comes to household merging issues. As you prepare to merge homes with your partner, we suggest you set aside a day for what we like to call the "Take or Toss Method," and while you are at it, try your hardest to make it fun! Remember, at the end of the day, you are with the love of your life, and everything else is material goods. We suggest doing this well before the wedding bells, alleviating stress upon your return from the honeymoon. This will also allow you to register for new furniture and home decor you both like! What's better than purging the old? Looking forward to the new! In true Southern fashion, we suggest you go ahead and make yourself a bourbon cocktail and prepare to let go of a few things. First things frst, you will need to purge! Get rid of everything you don't need and all the things you never use. Of special note, if your spouse has a collectible that does not take up much space, let them keep it. Trust me on this. You don't want to hear about that beloved train set you tossed every time you pull out the Christmas decorations. After the big purge, we suggest adding pieces room by room and not taking on more than you can handle or afford. Completing your look is not going to happen overnight; however, you can form a great base to build upon over the years. This is where you really get to have fun - rustic, industrial, farmhouse, contemporary, or chic… You more than likely have several pieces that ft into a few of these categories. Again, fexibility is important here, be sure to choose a style that accents both of your tastes. If you are in luck, then you will have a few classic pieces that are made well - make sure to hang on to those. Nothing makes a home look more complete than lovingly restored and recovered pieces. Recover them with beautiful fabrics that will ft your new color schemes and help meld your styles into a look that is all your own. On the subject of decor versus furniture: I once had a customer tell me that she has spent fve times the amount on decor than she has on furniture. Her reasoning is that your furniture is your constant. You can recover it, or move it around; however, your decor lets you constantly reinvent yourself. The whole room can change with different throw blankets and pillows. Lighting is our favorite way to change the way a room is viewed. From chandeliers to lamps, this is the quickest way to transform your space. While you are at it, decor also allows you to accent different seasons and holidays. Changing your look several times a year keeps your home lively and festive! Above all, be sure to remain open-minded during the purge, purchase and decorating process. At the end of the day, everything is just "stuff." With a little bit of understanding and cooperation, you will fnd something that both of you can agree on and like even more! Once you've tied the knot, it's time to build a home. Jessica Walker of Southern Elevation shares her experience and advice for combining tastes and styles with ease.

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