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100 A W Light theWay How do you add extra ambiance to your wedding with the lighting and drapery? Let us share with you the solutions to some of the problems that would leave you in the dark on your wedding day. What would you do if you loved candlelight, but the reception site you'd chosen had a strict no-open flame policy? Or what if you wanted to string hundreds of twinkle lights over your outdoor tables, but there were a limited number of outlets? Problems such as these oftentimes aren't considered until you are well into the planning process. IF you had only known, THEN you wouldn't be in such a situation, right? But before you abandon a lighting and draping idea for lack of a solution, reach out and talk to a lighting and draping specialist. In the meantime, read on for some common lighting and draping problems and solutions. PROBLEM: I DON'T KNOW WHAT KIND OF LIGHTING I'LL NEED IF you plan a site visit at the same time of day as when your wedding will be held, THEN you'll get a better idea of the logistics, such as how bright the afternoon sun really is or how dark it's going to be once the sun goes down. Be sure to assess how much built-in lighting already exists at your location. PROBLEM: MY TRADITIONAL STYLE VENUE LOOKS BORING IF your reception space is outfitted with the same, routine fixtures, THEN you can glitz it up through the use of reflective props and creative lighting. Silver candelabras on tables will reflect candle glow. Consider color washes and gobo lighting on the dance floor, which can display your favorite pattern or monogram. Amari Photography Nick Frontiero Photography Arden Photography PROBLEM: MY BARN VENUE LACKS RUSTIC TOUCHES IF your barn venue is feeling a little boring, THEN dress it up into something fabulous. Market lights, for example, are larger than twinkle or Christmas lights and can add a touch of whimsy along with a generous amount of illumination, consider these for your outdoor spaces. Ceremony aisles and pathways can be anchored with luminaries or mason jars that house floral arrangements or even floating candles. A final sprucing up of style can include a chandelier hung over the lounge area or a ceremony backdrop washed in soft lighting. PROBLEM: THE VENUE WALLS NEED CAMOUFLAGING IF your reception is to take place in an unfinished space or one that opposes your current design concept, THEN make the space your own through the use of clever fabric draping. Fabric draping adds elegance and sophistication to any venue and can hide a multitude of sins. High ceilings are perfect for draping, especially if you want to hide exposed beams or unattractive ceiling flaws. By the time you're finished, your venue will be transformed. PROBLEM: I CAN'T AFFORD EXPENSIVE LIGHT INSTALLATOINS IF you are needing an inexpensive way to light your event, THEN consider using a light and draping designer to enhance your site through the use easy, yet inexpensive options. Twinkle lights are one popular solution, as these tiny bulbs sparkle! A ceremony backdrop alight in vertical rows of twinkle lights is simply stunning. Or the lights can be draped as a canopy for starry-sky effect. Other inexpensive options include suspending lanterns from trees, or using them to light pathways. A single investment in color wash lighting can give your whole space a romantic, colored glow.

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