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104 A W Rent theRest If you're not working with an experienced planner, it can start to become overwhelming keeping up with the number of items you will need. There are chairs needed for both the ceremony and reception, tables, place settings, lounge furniture, tents, linen and much more. But worry not. Shannon Corbell of Special Events – A Gameday Tents Co., Becky Graham of Event Rentals Unlimited, and Josh and Amy Kohn of Soho Events & Rentals are ready to help! CREATE A GAME PLAN Figuring out the date, guest count, style, and feel of the wedding as well as the particular venue will help representatives from each respective company give you the best information for what they have to offer. Keep in mind that giving yourself enough time in the planning process to find the right venue beforehand also means the rental company has enough time to get the ball rolling on your event. "The ideal time frame to contact us would be six to twelve months before the big day" said Corbel. "That time all but guarantees that even if we don't have something in our current inventory, we can get it in for their special day." HAVE A SEAT A good estimate for the number of chairs for the ceremony is 10 percent over your final guest count," says Corbell. "Guests do not always fill in the rows and will often leave single seats between couples or families. To fill in as many seats as possible, have your ushers kindly instruct guests to fill in the seats from the outside in. Guests will usually not be comfortable in the first two rows, so have these rows set with the exact amount reserved for close family so there are no empty seats." SIZE UP YOUR LINEN Linen colors and textures define a space and can add that much desired pop of color to a room. "We love working with the Pantone colors," says Kohn. "We also have many runners available and can create custom table runners for an event. We post photos on our Pinterest and Facebook pages for wedding inspiration." Whenever possible, puddle the tablecloth linen in order to cover up the legs of tables for a more polished look. RAISE YOUR GLASS "On average, guests will drink two drinks the first hour and one drink for every hour after that. We would recommend having at least two glasses per person for the cocktail hour," says Graham. "Keep in mind, if your cocktail hour goes longer than an hour, you may need more glasses." DISH IT OUT For a formal plated meal, depending what courses are being served, you will need a bread knife, salad fork, dinner fork, dinner/steak knife, teaspoon, soup spoon, and dessert fork or spoon for each guest. "It's nice to have extra dinner knives available to replace them if the guests have used a knife with their salad course," says Corbell. "If the wedding cake is served separate from the dinner, you will also need dessert forks for that. Don't forget cake plates!" TABLE YOUR OPTIONS Be sure to think through every step of your ceremony and reception when you are compiling a list of table needs. Consider prepping stations, cocktail tables, entry tables, and others, and remember, style matters. "Our Farm Table rentals are so popular right now," says Kohn, "While our 60" square table rentals also sell out fast, one of our favorite (and recommended) tables is the Whiskey Barrel Table." Tables, chairs and china - oh my! Most brides focus on the flowers and fluff, but don't think as much on linens and logistics. Don't be left without a seat - let our experts share their tips for making sure everything is accounted for. Amari Photography Photography by Rob & Wynter SoLife Photography

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