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88 A W When the budget isn't an issue, floral options are limitless. Feel free to consider a composed, upscale design, like our featured bouquet of dahlias, mini callas, stoke, celosia, and roses. Perhaps a Pinterest-inspired creation may be right up your alley. Just keep this in mind; the flowers you select must be hardy enough to withstand an entire day without water. Be wary of delicate flowers that wilt, or be prepared to give them reprieve in a nearby vase during the day. Be sure to ask for detailed proposals from perspective florists, which include the exact count of each flower. Doing this will help you understand what you can expect and what is driving the bottom line. A variety of blooms and a mixture of color will produce an awe-inspiring outcome, such as this bouquet of dahlias, craspedia balls, foliage, stock, and hypericum berry. But remember that if flowers are out of season, they may have to be flown in and will be more expensive. If you are looking to add variety but still want to remain within budget, consider blooms that are available year-round: hydrangeas, carnations, roses, callas and orchids, to name a few. Adding berries and other non-foliage options to your design can also keep your budget in check. Otherwise, ask your florist which floral selections are currently in season. Of all floral considerations, it is the bridal bouquet that receives the most attention. The possibilities seem limitless, but it's important to understand what factors drive up the cost of your bouquet. Size, floral variety, and availability of the blooms are a few important reasons. But a smaller budget doesn't have to result in a flimsy bouquet. One elegant solution is to adhere to a monochromatic color scheme, as pictured here. This bouquet of hydrangea, roses and lisianthus offers clean sophistication while being easy on the budget. Plus, a single pop of color here or there, such as a few carefully placed blush-colored roses--will produce a fabulous effect. Florals and Finance There is nothing more discouraging than to get your heart set on a certain look or floral design for your wedding, only to discover that it's way out of budget. Pinterest and other avenues of inspiration are priceless, but unfortunately, reality is not. In an effort to help brides understand cost – a far too infrequently talked about topic – we are presenting three price levels of floral design options, ranging from a starting budget, to top of the line. Understanding the differences and possibilities can make your floral plan go much more smoothly. Photography: Jennifer Woodbery Photography Venue: B & A Warehouse $$$ $$ $ Bouquets: KG Designs by Kathy G. & Co.

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