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94 A W Beauty Secrets Tricks of the trade are like the secret ingredients of a fabulous recipe. We went to AWM makeup artists: Melissa Moore Borgardus, Brittany Benson Massey, and Madeline Hulsey to find their best-kept secrets and asked them to divulge their most sacred tricks of the trade. Beautiful ingenuity is at last revealed, from make-up artists' favorite products to unheard-of must try's. SECRET TECHNIQUES & MAKEUP FAVS Tips from Melissa Moore Bogardus: Maybelline Rewind in the lightest shade is super for brightening under the eyes. Fave 4 is a definite must-have product. It can create a splendidly soft look on any type hair while holding all day. (Special discount code available for brides.) Bobby Brown lip pencil sticks are so creamy and stay all day without kissing away. Eliminate shine on your wedding day by setting your makeup with RCMA No Color powder or dust Laura Mercier powder all over. Seven Spray is my secret to sealing the whole look. Being well-rested is the ultimate life-changing concealer. Tips from Madeline Hulsey: To get the perfect glow from self-tanner at home, I recommend doing the problem areas (wrist, ankles, neck, and elbow) using a synthetic makeup brush instead of your hands or the applicator. It creates a more natural and even finish. To turn any sheer coverage foundation into a full coverage foundation, try storing it in the refrigerator instead of your makeup bag so the formula is thickened. Add a drop or two of saline solution to your mascara tube to extend the life of your mascara. Swirl, and it's as good as new! Tips from Brittany Benson Massey: I like to line my lips after I put on my lipstick, so that I can blend the liner in and make the lipstick softer. To prevent concealer from settling into fine lines, work the formula with your fingertips first to warm it up. The warm touch will help the concealer go on smoothly. Using your bronzer as eyeshadow in the crease of the eyelid allows your face to look warm and natural, without having a "color" eyeshadow on. It'll be natural and make women wonder what your secret is. The best place to match your face for a foundation shade is the chin line. It's the truest shade to your natural color, without being too light or dark from the sun. If your mascara feels dry, either run it under some warm water while you do your eyeshadow, or rub the mascara tube in your hands for about 30-45 seconds. SECRET SUBSTITUTES Vicks Vapor Rub on lips works as wax filler to keep dry and cracked lips looking plump and pretty. De-puff under eye bags with a little Preparation H next time your alarm clock goes off too early. Mix a dash of Cherry Jell-O powder into your favorite moisturizer or balm for a healthy glow. Leslie Hollingsworth Photography J. Messer Photography

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