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96 A W A View onVideo If a picture is worth thousand words, a video has to be worth a million. Lance Holloway of Holloway Productions and Jared Redman of OnSite Pro share insight on reasons why hiring a professional videographer is the way to go. "Unseasoned videographers can unwittingly add unexpected chaos to your event; like the video guy who showed up wearing shorts and a t-shirt to a wedding. Or, there are stories of videographers fighting with photographers due to preconceived notions on how the day would play out and how much time the videographer would get with the couple," Holloway says. "We always let the photographer run the show and play off what the photographer's agenda. We work really well with photographers. That's is why so many of our referrals come from them." The old saying goes, "If something can go wrong, it will." The good news, however, is that a professional videographer has already taken this law into account and planned for it. An inexperienced person may not be ready or know how to handle those things. "We always have at least two videographers at all times, especially during the key moments of the day," says Lance Holloway of Holloway Productions. "We have multiple angles to cut to and this also aids us in the event of the unexpected. For example, if we have double coverage of the bouquet toss and someone jumps in front of one camera, we can easily cut to the angle of the other camera and not miss any crucial moments." "There are so many little nuances that happen during a wedding day that an inexperienced person may miss them," Holloway says. "You don't want to just book someone based on a 'demo' he has put together, showing his best shots from several different weddings. Instead, look at a videographer's work as a whole. Look at the consistency, and for those 'little' moments. We love that our brides get to see so much of what they missed during the craziness of the wedding day. I've heard from brides and grooms years later, telling me how thankful they are to be able to go back and watch videos of a grandparent or parent who is no longer with them. I think these are some of the things people don't think about when they are planning their wedding. While a picture freezes a moment in time, a video brings that moment back to life." TWO WORDS: MURPHY'S LAW THE LITTLE (BUT IMPORTANT) THINGS MAY GET LOST POTENTIAL DISCORD BETWEEN PHOTOGRAPHERS AND VIDEOGRAPHERS Final Thoughts by Jared Redman, Owner of OnSite Productions with Professional Videographer Dale Addison: "When it's all said and done, remember that while your wedding is going to be the most amazing day of your life, there will be moments that you'll want to capture, even if you, yourself aren't present. Think about the groom's expression, as he waits for you to make your grand entrance. This is a moment you won't actually see but will cherish once you see it up on video. This day, the one you've spent so much time and effort in planning in hopes of experiencing the magic of the moment, will be gone in the blink of the eye. Many of those painstaking details will be forgotten. It's crucial, then, to have someone you trust to film your day. You want someone who knows what to expect and how to plan out the day in a way that only a professional videographer can. You need someone who will know how to deal with the unexpected. Don't let any immediate hesitation or distractions in planning prevent you from hiring a professional to capture your day. Your wedding film will be one of the most important and meaningful keepsakes you own. Relive it with no regrets, and we send congratulations and best wishes for your new life together." WEDDING FILM WILL BE YOUR CHARISHED KEEPSAKE Photography provided by OnSite Productions Photography by Rob & Wynter

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