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98 A W Sound Advice No matter if you want background ambience or a high-energy dance band, music is the pulse to your party. Martin Brasfield of Music Garden and Jared Redmond of On-Site Productions offer up sound advice in selecting your wedding day music. RECEPTION ENTERTAINMENT AND FINDING A BAND Advice from Martin Brasfield of Music Garden Do Your Research. You will find pictures, song lists, references, audio, video, and other information on many of the bands. Contact Music Garden to find your local representative who will provide you with service in choosing a band that's right for your event. The reason for the Music Garden's successful track record is - to put it simply - our staff and our bands. There is a Music Garden representative in every major market in the Southeast. Each one of them is easy to reach if you need to ask questions or talk about changes or details. There are staff members who advance details with each artist prior to your show. Think beyond music. Many receptions nowadays include more than music and dancing. Entertainment has become multi-faceted by including fun extras that are sure to delight the crowd. We are proud of our roster, which is comprised of the most professional and exciting bands and disc jockeys in the region. We also book casino nights, comedians, hypnotists, acoustic acts, dueling pianos, harpists, violinists, bagpipes, and other types of entertainment. Beware of Online Discounts. There are several "online agencies" around that offer discounts because they have no agent expense. The transaction takes place between the artist and the buyer online so there is never a discussion with a responsible agent. Unfortunately, that leaves no agent to help you, the customer, deal with details or problems that may arise, no agent to give advice on which bands to choose (saving you a lot of research) and no "back-up" plan if your chosen on-line band has an emergency at the last minute and can't make your event. At Music Garden, we have chosen to take the " good, old-fashioned, hands-on" approach to customer service, which is people helping people. MUSIC SELECTIONS AND WORKING WITH A DJ Advice from Jared Redmond of OnSite Productions Ask Questions. When using a professional DJ, don't be afraid to ask lots of questions. DJs have done many weddings and aren't afraid to have a bride or groom pick their brain. The DJ can help guide you in your quest for the type of wedding and/or reception you are looking for. Decide Early. Don't wait until the last minute to think about your music selections. There are usually lots of appointments, fittings, dinners, etc. the month of your wedding, and you don't want to add any more stress or pressure of trying to find the perfect playlist. Plan early and take notes when you think of or hear a song you'd want to hear. Think "Atmosphere." When selecting your music for your reception, keep in mind the type of atmosphere you are looking to create. There are couples who want more of a low-key reception with minimal dancing and more visiting with guests. For these types of weddings, an easy-listening style is more appropriate. If you are looking for more of a party, you would want to pick songs that are generally known and more upbeat. This wouldn't be the time for deep cover tracks, hard rock, or obscure music since most people don't like to dance to something like that. Personalize. Introductions and formal dances are the time to really personalize your reception. Many people don't have just one song that is "their" song. By the time the reception takes place, have some fun, shed a few tears, and make it your own! Arden Photography Nick Frontiero Photography Amari Photography

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